Not too long ago, Cassey wrote this:

I eventually became this boring vanilla cupcake that was terrified of doing anything because I was scared of upsetting people. I even stopped blogging because I felt like anytime I had even a hint of an opinion, someone was offended. I felt paralyzed. 

Those words truly resonated with me, because I went through the same thing, to the point where I shut down my websites and pretty much stopped interacting with people online.

These days, I’m even scared to say anything on Twitter anymore. I’m too weird for the ‘normals’, too mainstream for the alternative crowd, and as for social issues and politics… Don’t even try, none of your labels apply. (And that rhymes.)

It’s frustrating and exhausting to feel as though you’ve been forced into silence, but I’ve promised myself to work through this, ignore the haters and entitlement brats, and block out the noise.

So this blog is back. More content will follow shortly.