Gloomy Sunday

The hours are slumberless


Clearly some things never change.

Neither do some schools.

Fucking bastards.

(And no, nothing happened to me personally, just something I saw on the local news filling me with rage, disgust and triggers — so many triggers…)

3rd May 2016 Health, Personal


If I start looking any paler — assuming such a thing is even possible — random people might stop me in the street to check whether I still have a pulse and am not, in fact, a walking corpse.

No anemia though, so that’s good at least.

28th April 2016 Health, Personal , ,


Yet another restless night and morning courtesy of painsomnia.

And the weekend has yet to begin…

On a brighter note: this is the new online journal. Hello!

23rd April 2016 Health, Personal , ,